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How Proactively helps you achieve your goals

An ability to learn and adapt is vital for improving performance. A tried and tested methodology to achieve this is to follow the improvement loop : plan, do, check, act. This is the basis of ISO management systems and also the Proactively methodology

ISO 45001, the new occupational health and safety standard, has changed the emphasis from ‘ensuring’ to ‘engaging’. The proactively app not only gives a way of improving participation, but also measuring and demonstrating it too.

Design forms: What do you need?

Take control. Build forms to collect the data you need, supporting your processes, using your technology and branding.

Use the drag and drop form builder to customise forms and add different languages and branding. No coding is needed. Test them and then publish directly to the mobile devices of the teams that need them. People always have the latest version.

Start with the templates provided, then build your own. What do you need? You will quickly find that Proactively can be used in many different ways : health, safety, environment, security, faciliites…. Your colleagues will want to join in too.

Report: Use the mobile app to tell us about it

Install the mobile app on smart phones and tablets and then securely link to your company system either by invitation or QR code. Using the QR code is really quick, which is handy if your aim is to improve communication with contractors, agency workers or people outside your organisation. Consider printing the QR code on a poster and distributing the app during site induction

The mobile app empowers people to actively think about H&S and make a difference. Encourage people not just to submit issues, but to take responsibility and fix the problem themselves, perhaps with a before and after picture. People may feel more comfortable reporting sensitive issues using the anonymous function. Group people into teams and set permissions to make sure they can see the right information.

Proactively works on both Apple and Android devices

Review and assign actions: Get visibility to know what is happening

The report appears in the web interface where it can be viewed, searched, shared and exported by people with the correct permissions. Review the report and assign actions if needed. To check progress, look in the history section which tells the story of who did what and when.

Notifications make sure that the right people find out about important issues quickly and can take action. Setting preferences stops you getting bombarded as you only get emails for those needing immediate action.

Give feedback: show you are listening

Show you are listening by sending feedback directly to the reporters phone. Recognition for doing good work encourages people to report again, and persuade their peers to do so too.

This is particularly important when asking people to participate in ‘observations’ or ‘hazard spotting’. (behavioural safety). The question is ‘why should we bother, what do we get out of it?’ Consider running a competition ‘catch of the month’ with a prize or print out the best catch on the notice board.

Analyse: use the dashboard to learn and improve

Explain data in a visually appealing way using the fully customisable dashboard. Data becomes easier to understand and remember. Data Visualisaton allows you to see patterns, discover unknown facts and trends enabling you to ask better questions and make better decisions. Visualise your key performance indicators to track the health of your business.