Active Risk Management

A simple, flexible tool to involve the whole team in building a healthy, safe, sustainable workplace, wherever they are.

Use real time analysis to improve your decision making

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Do you recognise this?

Hours wasted

Manually entering data, preparing reports and checking if actions are complete

Inaccurate data

Due to lost, illegible or incomplete paper forms

Bored employees

That can’t find the right form, don’t understand what is needed and haven’t time to fill it in

Missed Opportunities

Because you found out too late

There is a better way

Turn your spreadsheets and paper forms into a mobile app

Gathering data in the field

Risk reporting doesn’t happen behind a desk. The Proactively mobile app is always available, where ever and whenever you need it, making it ideal when working remotely, on site or on shift. It even works when there is no network coverage, storing information and sharing automatically when back in range.

Build beautiful forms in minutes that fit your business needs

Make super powered forms that lead the reporter through the process explaining exactly what is needed with a help function and examples if needed, and information in the reporter’s language. Add photos, sign forms with a finger, automatically record time, date and location so you don’t have to type more than is absolutely necessary.

Engage your workforce

The Proactively app is so intuitive that even the most inexperienced users can get started in minutes. Reporting is fast and easy, with most forms taking less than a minute to complete and send. For more sensitive subjects, anonymous reporting is an option.

After reviewing the report, the manager can send feedback directly to the reporter to show they are listening. Giving recognition for doing good work gives people a sense of purpose.

Share the app in just a few clicks. Using QR codes for quick onboarding is ideal for inviting contractors or agency workers to join.

Save time and money

Digitising forms allows you to use automated workflows and boost your efficiency. The need to manually transfer data, chase information for audits and corporate reports is now gone. You can spend less time on admin and more on driving improvements. As well as reducing paper costs, going paperless will save trees, helping reduce your environmental impact. How can Proactively save me money

No more waiting for information

Real time, accurate data allows you to respond quickly and more effectively to situations.

  • Find out about hazards and put controls in place before you have an incident
  • Responding quickly to an incident can reduce the severity of the consequences

Notifications can be filtered so you get the important messages without being bombarded.

Learn and improve

Proactively takes real time data, and makes it work for you. Track your KPIs. see trends you never knew existed. and use real data to make decisions that improve your performance.

Proactively helps you focus on leading indicators that drive improvement, as well as lagging indicators that measure compliance. (Sharing this information is an important part of getting people involved)

Build reliable systems

Working in compliance, you need to trust that your systems are robust and verifiable. Proactively can improve the accuracy of data you collect, giving visibility so you can take control.

Assign actions and follow them to completion in the action tracker. All actions are time and date stamped giving a verifiable trail and making you audit ready whether for internal checks, ISO or other.

Your data is held securely with encrypted transfer and automatic backups. Data security

We at Proactively believe good H&S is about managing real risks well, not being so risk averse people can't get on with their lives and work.

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