Involve everyone in workplace safety

Collect and share information efficiently using mobile devices. Know what is happening, see trends, learn and improve.

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Keep your people safe

Reduce Risk. Find out about hazards and fix them before they cause an accident.

Engage and empower

Build Trust. Give feedback when a problem is fixed, so people know they have made a difference, feel valued and encouraged to report again.


Learn and improve. Track your performance, see trends and drive your improvement plans in the right direction.

Collect and share information quickly

and use it to improve your workplace

Form Designer

Flexibly build mobile app forms to collect the information you need. This includes a multi lingual option.

Easy implementation

Link people from your organisation and across your projects by invitation or QR code.

Mobile App

Reporters can quickly and easily send accurate information from wherever they are.

Action tracker

Notifications make sure that the right people find out about problems and take action quickly. Automated tracking saves you time. Trust that nothing is forgotten.


Send messages so the reporter knows that you are listening, feels valued and encouraged to report again.


Monitor your performance and use this data to make better, informed decisions and drive improvement.

Secure information

Your data is stored securely in your private area of the cloud, continuously backed up.

We at Proactively believe good H&S is about managing real risks well, not being so risk averse people can't get on with their lives and work.

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